Overview. Cadet Training Program. And CLICK HERE to apply for the program. Icelandair is working with L3 Airline Academy to train and develop aspiring pilots to … Q. Conventional or Cadet Pilot Program? IndiGo Cadet Program - No applications, pre-registrations or registrations are being accepted at this time till further notice from IndiGo. You may be exempt from having the criteria for Maths and/or Physics if you hold a higher Degree in Maths and/or Physics with a score of 51% and above, or you are holding an engineering Degree with 51% and above marks.Note that if you do not have the subject criteria, you can pursue the subjects via the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) program and the NIOS results will be accepted. Additionally, you should be eligible to hold an American Visa for study purposes. Certifications; Gallery. Be the first to comment... For those aspiring to touch the sky in the pilot's seat, IndiGo is providing pilot training programs in India where you start as a cadet and subsequently navigate a career path to the position of a Second Officer, then a First Officer and finally get your Captain's stripes to fly a commercial plane. The programme comprises three phases of training. You will be presented with a Letter of Intent to Employ from IndiGo prior to starting the programme Selected by IndiGo from day one, you will embark upon a unique route of training. CAE is proud to partner with IndiGo in the delivery of a new pathway for the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Programme – International Pathway. IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program Integrated CPL/MEIR The Course IndiGo is the foremost low-cost airline operating out of India and is working with L3 Airline Academy to bring you this Cadet Pilot Program. Altenatively, you can start your application process by completing the shortened form below. Recruitment Expected: Unknown. IndiGo is the foremost low-cost airline operating out of India and is working with L3Harris Airline Academy to bring you this Cadet Pilot Program. Kick-start your aviation career at our superb Flight Training School facility in Al Ain. ©. Please refer to the official brochure to know the fees for the various phases of the training program - http://skyborne.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Indigo-Course-Price_5.pdf Who can applyPassport and Visa requirements: In case you do not have a valid passport, you will be allowed to participate in the selection program provided you get a valid passport before starting the program. This part of the process will take approximately 16 weeks to complete.You will then head to the Etihad Training Academy in UAE for Airbus 320 type rating. google_ad_height = 250; Selected by IndiGo from day one, you will embark upon a unique route of training. OVERVIEW. Are you looking for information on the cadet pilot training program of IndiGo airlines? The second phase spanning two months necessitates the conversion of US FAA CPL MEIR to DGCA CPL MEIR. official website of the IndiGo cadet pilot training program, USFAA Class 1 Aviation medical certificate, official website of the Skyborne-IndiGo training program. Wizz Air Cadet Pilot Program. You can also check out details at https://www.nzicpa.nz/.Contact: For any queries call Toll Free 1800 121 00 00 03 between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Email: indigocadetprogram@flightruleaviation.com.Skyborne-IndiGo program Earlier this year, IndiGo launched a collaborative venture with Skyborne to select and provide training for potential pilots at Westwind School of Aeronautics in Deer Valley, Phoenix, USA. Unsure what to search for? [Image source: IndiGo cadet pilot training program official website]NZICPA-IndiGo training program Under this program, you get training across three nations, namely India, New Zealand, and UAE. The total cost for this programme in India is 845,642 INR (payable in India to CAE, Gondia) and training in the USA is - $89,831.40 USD (Payable in the USA to CAE Phoenix) (pricing inclusive of appropriate taxes per location) and selection exam fees are extra. Indigo Cadet Pilot Program has been delivering pilot training for the past 37 years, making it the oldest cadet pilot program with an assured job opportunity.It is a high-quality training program that aims at making aspirants the First Officer with Indigo Airlines. It has its primary hub at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. The IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program provides you with the opportunity to join IndiGo as an A320 First Officer. For FAQs regarding the program, you can click here to read. It is a self-sponsored program in which candidates sign a letter of intent (LOI) with IndiGo airlines and joins as a Junior Flight Officer after successful completion of the pilot … /* IndiaStudyChannel.com_336x280 */ More Info Cost can be reduced if you are eligible for one of their fast track programmes. Explore the Air Asia India Cadet Pilot program Apply Now June 3, 2019 | One min read A candidate going for CPL from a private flying school can finish off the course in 30 lakhs and the type rating will cost additional 15 lakhs, so the whole process, with other expenses will cost him/her up to 50 lakhs. https://www.l3commercialaviation.com/privacy-policy/, Duration: 21 months, subject to scheduling, Latest-generation aircraft and simulators. Let's have a look at two of these programs. Last Recruitment: July 2019. Also acceptable is a valid higher Degree in these subjects with a minimum of 51% in the qualifying Degree exam.Medical status: You should possess DGCA Class 2 medical certificate (refer to the link given later in this article for the other training program).Where to register and apply: Applications will be accepted after indicating your interest at the official website of the IndiGo cadet pilot training program. Unfortunately no applications, pre-registrations or registrations are being accepted at this time, until further notice from IndiGo. This fourth phase will take eight weeks. Other customers found these links helpful. Up Next. The passport should enable you to live and work anywhere in India and also travel to any destination in the world. This part of the program is to acquire a commercial pilot license, with a multi-engine instrument rating as well. The IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program is overseen by Flightrule Aviation, an India-based avionics preparing organization with a long standing relationship with the NZICPA. We train cockpit-ready pilots for IndiGo, India’s fastest growing Airline. Register with us today and become an A320 first-officer with IndiGo. CESSNA172-R. VT-CAL SINGLE ENGINE. CESSNA172-R. VT-CAD SINGLE ENGINE. google_ad_slot = "2955593811"; Selected cadets will train across two of CAE’s academies in India and the USA. Language skills: You must be fluent in English, both written and spoken. google_ad_height = 280; The personal information that you submit in this form will be used to provide you with information relating to L3Harris Commercial Aviation that may be of interest to you. Successful completion of training and the final checks by IndiGo will take you directly to the role of Junior First Officer on the Airbus A320 aircraft, flying IndiGo domestic and international routes. Future graduating Cadets can look forward to the potential of operating some of the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world including the Boeing 787 and A320/A321 NEO. This article provides complete information on the NZICPA-IndiGo and the Skyborne-IndiGo pilot training programs for freshers who wish to acquire a commercial pilot license. With its clear blue skies, light commercial traffic and 4000 meter runway with ILS and non-precision approach navigation aids, it is the perfect place to hone your skills. Phase 1: Ground Theory & Flight Training . There is no fee to apply for the IndiGo Cadet Programme with Skyborne. //--> The cost for any extension of training at the flying academy is to be borne by the Cadet Pilot additionally @ ₹ 14,500 per hour plus taxes. Check back for getting admitted to the next batch. Being the most popular educational website in India, we believe in providing quality content to our readers. In case you have been rejected earlier for any IndiGo cadet pilot training program, then you can apply again only after a three-month gap.